October 19, 2019                                

We provide consultancy services in the area of Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics and Automation, Energy systems, and energy efficiency. This is in addition to the other areas of our work which are presented below.

Maintenance and servicing

Currently, this is our main area of activity. We have expertise and vast experience in the area of industrial electronics, and we provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance for industrial and commercial appliances. We repair Motor drives; UPS units; Automatic voltage stabilizers (including those in the range of 200KVA); Inverters, Laboratory equipment; Power rectifiers, Communication equipment; and any other type of power electronics equipment.

Several large industrial concerns routinely send their damaged equipment for repair by Power World engineers and technicians.

Furthermore, we provide consultancy services for companies wishing to purchase electronic equipment, and we are able to assess such equipment and recommend their suitability or otherwise for the desired purposes.


Power World engineers have designed and installed various types of electrical equipment. In the area of industrial electronics, we have worked on large projects to install automation and control equipment for industries. Furthermore, we have worked on power protection equipment and dedicated battery back-up systems. We have designed and installed several units, one of the larger ones being a system to support a 5kW transmitter during power outages. Several 2-day power backup units for internet cafes and internet service providers (ISPs) have also been designed and installed.

Power World Ltd is also heavily involved in the design and installation of all types solar electric systems, wind-charger systems, hybrid source power systems, and solar water heating units

In summary, our installations capabilities cover:

  • Industrial Electrical equipment
  • Control Units
  • Solar Power Units
  • Dedicated Battery back-up units
  • Fire Alarm/ Closed Circuit cameras


Power World has successfully completed the design of AC-DC inverters, inverter-chargers, and wind turbine battery chargers. Several units have been manufactured for the trial run, and have performed very well over the past two years. The company is now able to manufacture comparatively cheap, robust and efficient inverters in the range 200W 5000W. The inverters have found application in solar-electric installations, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), and electricity back-up units.

In addition, we manufacture appliance protectors on contract. These are designed to provide protection from poor electricity conditions like brown outs, power surges, and the effect of power cuts.

We also manufacture energy-saving devices such as automatic and programmable switches for various applications.

Circuit design and development is carried out with extensive testing to ensure quality products. Electronic components are ordered from reputable sources in the United Kingdom.

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