October 19, 2019                                

•  Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Servicing of two 10 kVA UPS units supplying power to transmitting equipment

•  Ghana Telecom

Repair of satellite communication equipment for Kuntunse Earth station

•  Gladymanuel Ltd/Ministry of Education

Installation of 300 x100Wp solar power units nationwide

•  Ministry of Energy

Installation of automatic dusk/dawn switches for street lighting projects in Accra and Cape Coast

•  SG- SSB

Serviced and repaired faulty UPS and Printers.

Repaired over 60 UPS ranging in sizes from a 600VA Net UPS to a 20kVA Liebert UPS.

•  Millicom Gh. Ltd.

Responsible for the troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs of faulty rectifiers, microwave radios, power amplifiers etc.

Contracted to provide and install Three-Phase Power and Meters to some Cell sites.

Designed and installed 3.2kWp (48Vdc) solar power unit for a remote cell site.

•  UNILEVER Ghana Ltd.

Power World Ltd is a registered contractor to UNILEVER Gh. Ltd.

Provide servicing, repairs and installation of Power Equipment for the factory.

Installed various power monitoring, control and regulating equipment for the factory.

Designed and supplied Emergency Lighting for the factory. Supplied and installed UPS for some printers and coders. Repaired and maintained numerous power supply equipment including speed drives, power supplies, UPS, Lathe machine etc.


Servicing of all faulty Power Equipment such as 300kVA Voltage Regulators, Speed Drives, Power Supplies and UPS units.

•  Standard Chartered Bank (High Street)

Designed and installed an isolating transformer for their communication/ Data equipment. Installed two 50kVA UPS in a hot-standby mode and one 65kVA stabilizer for their equipment at the data centre.

•  Shell Ghana Ltd

Responsible for the repair of their power supply equipment including UPS and Voltage Regulators for the IT Dept and Filling Stations.

•  37-Military Hospital, Accra

Designed, constructed and installed an Audio-Visual Hospital Call System

•  Provita Specialist Hospital , Tema

Designed, constructed and installed an Audio-Visual Hospital Call System

•  Irani Brothers & Others Ltd.

Responsible for planning, efficient operation, training, recruitment and maintenance for the Electrical/ Electronic department.


Responsible for the installation of their solar-electric units and for servicing of their faulty power equipment such as Inverters and Change Over Switches.

•  FAN MILK ltd

Responsible for plant installation and servicing of all faulty equipment

•  Wonderfoods Gh. LTD

Designed and installed 120A three-phase protectors for plant and motors

•  Bally Refrigeration Products LTD

Contracted to supply and install three-phase protectors for cold stores

•  Africa Online Gh Ltd.

Designed and installed automatic generator starter and changeover for their generator.

•  CELLTEL Ghana Ltd.

Designed and installed 60kVA automatic generator starter and changeover and also responsible for the repair and maintenance of their faulty communication equipment.

•  Solar Light Co. Ltd.

Responsible for the installation and maintenance of solar power backup systems


Responsible for the installation and maintenance of solar power backup systems

•  Transaction Management Services

Responsible for the provision of reliable power to all their communication equipment and sites.

•  Ghana Emulsion

Designed and installed a control panel on behalf of ABB

•  Achimota Brewery LTD

Installed complete lightning protection system for entire brewery

•  Ghana Bauxite Ltd.

Trained company engineers on PLC automation and company PLC based equipment on behalf of ABB

•  Coca Cola

Installation and programming of circular chart recorder; flow meter, pressure transmitters and resistance thermometer on behalf of ABB.

•  Ghamot

Designed and installed an electronic programmable siren and transceiver power supply.

•  Capital Telecom

Repair and servicing of faulty rectifiers and other equipment

•  Canaud Metal Box

Serviced faulty industrial voltage regulator (AVR) on behalf of ABB

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